Little holes- tension changes?

Firstly a big thank you! I only started teaching myself to knit two days ago and this site has been fabulous. :muah:
I am attempting a scarf. Thanks to the tip about stitch counters I now have even rows of 25 stitches (without them I gained 6 stitches in one line!).
When I hold my scarf up to the light, I have some little holes. I don’t think they are missed stitches and have seen from other posts that it could be that I can changing my tension as I go along a line. Does this mean I am doing one stitch looser than the others and that is what makes the little hole? If so, is there a way I can keep the tension the same or does this just come from experience? I have the yarn wrapped once around my little finger and then once around my index finger but it seems to get a bit stuck!
Thanks for any help! I haven’t worked out how to post a photo yet from my iPad!

If you just learned two days ago, then give yourself some time.

If you learned to play the violin two days ago, you’d hit a few sour notes, right? The same with knitting. The more you knit, the more even your stitches become.

it could be just tension, especially since you’re not increasing (or decreasing) sts and the holes seem small. Even tension will come with experience and it sounds like you’ve made a good start in the way you are holding the yarn. If it doesn’t feel right you can always try another method since every knitting video seems to show a different method. if you block your knitting at the end, some of the holes may even out.

Thanks for the help! I thought I was probably just needing experience but nice to have it confirmed. Feeling quite proud of myself so far. I bought a book to learn from but your videos have been much more helpful!
Thanks again.

I’m glad you found this site so soon. I agree that you’re doing great. I learned to knit from a book and DVD then gave it up for years until I came across this site and found out what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right. Just knowing how to make knits and purls doesn’t make me a knitter. For now I’m calling some of my boo boos “design features”.:aww: I think you’ll find, as I have, that everything you make gives you a chance to learn something new, as well as a chance to improve what you’ve already learned. Handmade does not equate to perfect, but I look at photos posted here and have something that looks like perfection to aspire to. Keep up the good work! :yay: Pat yourself on the back for me.

Thanks Gramma. It’s looking pretty good now. I have relaxed into the stitches now and it’s actually looking like knitting!
Is there anything I can do to make the first section relax off? After I’ve finished, if I wash the scarf will it help even it out a bit? As I was pulling the thread far too tight at the beginning, the first section isn’t as wide.

If it’s acrylic yarn you can try washing and drying according to the ball band directions. If it’s wool, try pinning it out on a flat surface to the correct dimensions and spritzing it with water. Let it dry completely and see if that helps. It may not even out enough but I would stil treasure it as a wonderful first project.

You could also do the other end tighter, either working tighter stitches or using a size smaller needles.

I have a blue and white striped long scarf with lots of boo boos that I keep, it was my first real project.

Those are very helpful suggestions, thank you!