Little help with Fran's Hooded Baby Sweater please

Shape Neck: Work in pattern across 32 sts; place 15 sts on holder; join another ball of yarn and work last 32 sts in pattern. Work even in pattern on both sides at once for 4 rows.

Where it says “join another ball of yarn”… does this mean I’ll have one set of sts using one ball of yarn, then the centre part on the holder, then the other set of sts using the second ball of yarn?

Where it says “even pattern” does it mean the normal seed stitch?

TIA :muah:

I believe you are right on both counts. Since you’ll be working both sides (arms) at the same time you will need 2 balls - one for each side. “Even pattern” does mean your normal seed stitch.

Thank you so much.