Little hat for my little girl!

I haven’t ever posted pics of a FO before but I got such great help from the KH Mods on this I thought I’d let you all know it looks great! She is a stinker, every time I put it on her she says “I no like it” but I don’t care. She’ll like it when it’s good and cold outside!!!

The hat is darling…the colors are great and your daughter is a cutie! Great job.

yes!! beautiful hat,beautiful daughter

That is just too cute! She’s adorable, too!

Hahahaha Kids are so funny and so are you . You made me giggle:)
She is so cute and the hat is lovely on her . I am sure she will keep it on when it gets colder. ( I know , because my son used to be the same ) :slight_smile:


Oh, so cute! What a great little hat – where did you find the pattern? Your daughter’s a doll.

Kids have a mind of their own:roflhard:

Very cute and so is your daughter.

Sweet hat, it looks very nice on your daughter. She’ll warm up to it later (hopefully :mrgreen:).

:yay: Very cute!

Very very cute!!! :cheering:

You guys are making my day! Thanks so much!

There wasn’t a pattern, it’s the easiest thing! I just measured her head, subtracted about 1’ for negative ease (thanks mod squad!) and then did my gauge swatch. I multiplied the circumference of her head by the sts/inch of my swatch and co that # of sts. I knit in the round, just garter st, for about 7". (I measured for that too but I tried it on her just to be sure) Then I did a 3 needle bind off and added pompoms. Actually, the pompoms were the hardest part, I’ve never made them before.

I’m on Ravelry too,…hartleystudio there too, so the info on the yarn is there as well.

If you make one, I’d love to see it!!! :slight_smile:

Great hat~ And she IS a cutiepie!

she looks priceless and the story about the hat will be some day too. Lovely knitting

CUTE! I love the colors together. Good job!

She looks super cute in that hat even if she “no likes” it! :teehee:

That hat is SO cute!

That’s very cute!

I like it :cheering:! Your daughter looks so cute! She’ll change her mind when all the strangers will come up to her and flatter her new hat:thumbsup: