Little Girl's Jumper


I blocked the first panel of my daughter’s jumper. I am almost finished with the second panel, I can’t wait to piece it together and get the picot edging on! The bottom will be folded under and hemmed to show a picot hem, then we are going to thread a ribbon into the other picot row.

That is adorable! :heart: My kids are 15 and 18. I wish I was knitting when they were younger. They do like the things I knit for them, but they’re not so tiny and precious! :pout:

Your jumper is soooo pretty! what is the yarn you used?

I love it! :heart:

That is gonna be adorable when it’s done!!!
Tooooooooo cute :cheering:

Looks precious~ and adorable…not to repeat someone else’s quesiton but what yarn and color did you use???

Thanks for the nice compliments!

I used a Plymouth yarn called Jelli Beenz in Red. The yarn is pretty soft, but it was hard to work with at first. If you look closely the yarn is actually red with a second strand of colors that change, this strand changes from very tiny to thick. Until I got the feel of the yarn I had to work on not splitting it. Although it’s textured you can’t really see it unless you look really close at the jumper. I will have to handwash it, but not too worried about that… however if I make something for her again I will look at the label a lot more carefully! :rofl:

I am all ready to block the second panel, I am not sure who is more excited to see it coming together me or my daughter.

Your daughter of course~~ MY MOM IS SO COOL~~! She made this for me~!! :teehee:


how cute!!!

Both sides done and blocked! Will let it dry over the weekend while with friends. I already have my knitting bag packed with my triangle shawl and son’s blanket…he so wants me to finish it!


The red so festive! You did a beautiful job. Can’t wait to see the finished product.