Little girl dress in round, easy...more help please=:}

i like the way this looks…

can i do this in the round? i bought lovely yarn… and i want to knit a simple dress and add some eyelash yarn on the bottom edge for fun… i’d like to knit bottom up… a simple garter stich
this is the main yarn (4 skiens bunny hop 113 yrds/worsted)

and this is the eyelash(3 skiens sirdar 98 yrds/worsted)

help! i am a novice! thanks

You probably could till you get to the underarm area. Just use a stitch marker or something to keep track of which the side stitches are for decreasing.

wow thanks for such a quick response…
more questions … when i get to the armholes, would i bind them off to the width i want, then continue the front and back on seperate needles? and then bind off the top edges of the front and back and add straps? Icord straps? or would a thin knitted strap be easy to add on at the end?