Little egg

Happy Easter :slight_smile:

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oh goodness, sorry that is so monster large.


That’s cute! No DPN’s? :?? You could make your own!

Very cute!

Cute! Eggs are fun! :thumbsup:

Very Cute!

:smiley: very cute :wink:

I am going to have to make my own, but I feel like I have a lot to learn first, I just did my first cable a while ago, and I still have never made a sweater, so I figure I will have making those as a reward waiting for me once I get to that stage. I am dying to make clogs though!!!

Oh and I actually blew an egg to put inside (I pieced it with my tapestry needle!)


:smiley: My mother used to blow eggs & decorate them when I was much younger & I still have them :smiley:

ohh that’s so cute! Do you remember how you made it on straights?

well, I used size 3.5mm needles (the smallest I have got) and I cast on with 9 stitches, then added and decressed according to the sive of the egg lol, very scientific!

Wow! I am impressed. That is cute and you are very inventive to master how to do that on straight needles. Did you use a pattern or did you make the pattern up yourself? Did you stitch up the back in order to encase the egg?

:thumbsup: I like it! Nice job. Can you order other needles on line?