Little ear cast off

I sometimes get a “little ear” when casting off the last stitch. I know there is a trick to eliminate it but I don’t remember it. Does anyone know what to do ?

When working the last st, ALSO insert your right needle into the left leg of the st below and work them tog. That’ll pull the last st down, making it taut.


That’s always bothered me, but I thought there was nothing to do, it just happened. Now I have something new to try, which is always fun!

Thank you sooooooo much !!

Thank you! I will try this next time I cast off.

Wow, I’ve been knitting for almost 40 years and I had never heard of this!!! It continues to amaze me how much I learn on this site everyday! Thanks!:notworthy:

Thanks to Cyndie for asking this question and to cam for the answer!!

That is a great tip, one that I’m definitely going to try, but could someone clarify which is the left leg of the stitch below? I’ve never been clear on which is the left and which is the right leg…and how you figure it out.