Little clutch to go with sisters' shawl

You can’t see the little sparkly star buttons, but Thre are a couple on this little bag. Her shawl is the solid orange and since her husband is a huge University of Tennessee fan, I thought this little clutch would go nicely with the rest.

Very cute & compact! Nice design…do we get to see the shawl?


Diane, here is what is finished so far. I bought :blush: her a nice off white sweater to go with it since I had no time to knit that too. I am about halfway done with the shawl so as soon as I can get it finished, I can wrap it and send it to her.

Ooooooh…pretty. I especially like the diagonal on the bottom with the ruffled edge.

Are you using K1 P1 on large needles or is there more to your pattern? It’s quite nice! :thumbsup: Is it the same on both sides?


P.S. It’s VERY orange! :teehee:

That’s why I am giving stuff away made with it. I am a very large woman and really like the color, started a long tunic and finished one side and thought I would look like this humongous pumpkin so took most of the yarn back to the store (ended up getting screwed because they clearanced the item and what I paid $5 a skein for I got back a buck a skein!) Anyhow, I am using what I had balled up and ripped out the sweater I had finished.

As far as the pattern, it is done on staight 11’s and is all knit if you can believe it or not, the whole thing, ruffle and all! It is the same on both sides! Knowing her, she will probably hate it, but ahh well! I did buy a cream sweater for her to wear it with so she can’t say she has nothing to wear it with and who doesn’t have black pants, right??? This is the woman who thought her 20 something daughter would love a sweatshirt made into a jacket and embellished with iron ons, stencils, glitter you name it in cardinals or something like that. I imagine my niece stuck it up in the highest part of her closet and it is collecting dust! :roflhard: My sister is one of those people who gives gifts SHE would like not what the receiver would like. I like to jazz her up a bit as she tends to be sort of dumpy. She works for a large city school system and I know they have some kind of New Year’s Eve wingding so I thought this would be nice without having to really dress up! You think maybe not??? Too late now, I guess as it is getting mailed on Tuesday!

Very pretty! The clutch works perfectly with the shawl.