Little Bits

Does anyone know what to do with those little bits of thread (tails) that are left behind when you end a project and weave in the ends? We’d like to clean up things that don’t have a ‘wrong side,’ like a scarf or washcloth.


I would say…

Clip the yarn close to the knitting and then stretch the knitting just a bit so the sewn in yarn “hides” itself.

Or you can do what I do…

Clip the yarn just enough where it wont drive you nuts untill your done with the project and then block it. when it dries, do a search and clip all the straglies. I do it that way cuz…well its better in my mind to let it go thro a washing and dry and then clip close. By then it has “seated” where its going to and no worries at that point in cutting close.

If I dont block the project…i use the first suggestion.

I usually leave a half inch or so after weaving in till I wash it and make sure it’s not going to back out the other side.

Yea…What Jan said lol

with the threads you cut off.:aww: I was going to suggest that you put them outside where the birds can find them in the spring. They love to use pieces like that in their nests.

Thanks to all of you – and great idea, Verna! Even though it wasn’t what we were asking, we really liked the suggestion!

I get all of my knitting advice, tips, help, questions answered from a friend who is an expert knitter. She says the professional way to do it, is to weave the ends in with a tapestry needle, following one strand of the yarn as it has been knit, in other words, duplicating it. You do this for an inch or 2, stretch the piece of the garment, and then clip the end. It really works and the end will never pop through. She says this is the only accepted method for the master knitting program. I don’t know what she says about the bird thing:) .

I don’t wait til the end of a project to weave in my tails.
Ack! I take my ‘medicine’ one teaspoon at a time! :teehee:

I usually take a CHIBI yarn needle and weave the tails in.

TIP: if you are using wool or a wool blend…NO TAILS are ever necessary. Join a new ball of yarn using the felted join, or the Russian join.

If you have tails due to color changes at the ends of the rows…felted joins will be tricky. But do-able.

I avoid ‘tying’ in new skeins like the plague! :eyes: