Little bit of fun

So, what yarn do you have in your stash that you regret buying??? the ones that sit there “mocking” you? :slight_smile:

Mine: 10 skeins of Lion brand Magic stripes in denim (found at the dollar store)

6 skeins of Lion brand boucle (2 blueberry, 2 this magenta color, 2 lime green)


So far i don’t have any yarn mocking me :slight_smile: but wanted to tell you that I found three of those magic stripe denim numbers at Big Lots for a dollar and a half each. I am working them into socks right now, and I have to say that I am normally not a non-coordinating kind of person, but I love them.

If you don’t want them and they can be shipped reasonably, I’d be interested in purchasing your skeins from you.

I bought 6 skeins of a novelty yarn with varying textures. Thought I would try to make something funky and fun. Everytime I pick it up and do a few rows The texture is so off putting I frog it and put the skeins and needles away. Still sits in my stash and silently mocks me. I feel guilty for the splurge and more guilty for not knowing what to do with it. Guess I learned a lesson think it through before the color sucks you in. :aww:

I don’t have anything mocking me. I have a very very very small stash lol

I don’t have any yarn mocking me but a reasonable of stash bought for projects that I haven’t got to yet. I did have some Homespun yarn which I shipped to a friend in the UK. I hated it and she loves it!

last night i started a blanket using the 12 (yeah, i found 2 more in another storage bin!) of the magic stripe yarn. for whatever inexplicable reason my 11 year old likes the colors… it’s one of those mindless garter stitch ones based on the granny’s favorite dishcloth pattern…