Little 'big man' sweater

For my 18-mo-old nephew. (My gauge puts it between 2-3 yrs sizs so hopefully it’ll fit.)

Based on DROPS/garnstudio pattern (pic below).

Yarn is from recycled thrift store sweater (cashmere soft cotton). (Frogged, skeined, washed, wound.) It was so thin (pic) I had to use three balls of multiple threads to get something akin to worsted weight. Needless to say, working both fronts at once meant six simultaneous balls. Lucked out with virtually no tangles.

Added an inch to sleeves being his dad, my bro, is 6’5" and has super long arms. I opted to make lower edge ribbing hang straight rather than pulling in…and did traditional pockets. I also chose to place the buttons/buttonholes like ‘big guy’ sweaters.


Oh my goodness, it’s so adorable!! Great job, it looks amazing :thumbsup:

That looks lovely , Excellent work.
I love it .


Very, very cute indeed!

that looks great!!!:cheering:

It’s adorable! And I’m so impressed with the way you recycled the yarn! That must have been a 3-ring circus working with 6 balls of yarn! I would have no hair left at all. Great job – it looks amazing. He’s going to look so cute in it!

Slim, thanks! I just recently started recycling and it’s been a huge learning experience working with machined sweaters. Didn’t realize how thin the fibers are and that they frog to threads (no twists/plies). One downside of all those ‘threads’ is that they look quite good worked up but they’re more vulnerable to snags and that concerns me with item for toddler. I may have to recommend to my bro and s-i-l that this be handled with a bit more care.

My nephew is a redhead and is quite often dressed in blue so thought this color would blend right in with the rest of his wardrobe.


That is such a handsome sweater! I love it!:inlove:

That is unbelievably cute!

So cute. You did a great job. You must have a lot of patience.

Looks great! I have to make this for my little one! I know you’re nephew will be nice and cozy!

That’s a handsome a sweater.

Thanks, sue. Looking back, a lot of effort went into this given the recycling, etc. Ultimately, there’s little actual monetary expense but lots of time invested.


mari, it was a fairly easy pattern altho I made a few changes here and there. One feature I liked was carrying extra yarn in the 2nd/3rd sts of the front edge which added bulk, definition. I’m so used to making adult-size cardis this made for relatively fast work being the pieces were so small.

Hope you enjoy making your version.


Thanks, dangles. Yes…‘handsome’ is very apropos. The look I was hoping for.


I need to make one of those for my grandson!!!Yours is beautiful:cheering:


It’s cute as a bug! I love it that you recycled, and found such nice yarn.

I have tried several times to unravel a sweater, but always have had no success–I’ve looked at a coupla websites even, but still–can’t seem to do it! WIsh I could find better directions.

Thanks Ellen!

If I can be of any assistance doing the recycling thing, feel free to toss questions or problems my way. Happy to help.

I’d read online info and had a notion as to what to do but it took me a couple tries to get the hang of it and then I got obsessed (to where I’ve now filled three plastic storage containers). I actually enjoy the recycling process more than doing something with the wound cakes.


Too precious! Yet another case for recycled yarn. I bet that yarn never dreamed of being something so cute! WTG! and extra mega koodos for creating, in essence, your own yarn by using so many at the same time to achieve your desired effect. THAT WAS SKILL!

CONGRATS on a wonderful perfect little sweater for the “big guy”!