Lions Brand Waterfall Pattern k2b question

I am a beginner knitter and I am using the following pattern:
Cast on 58 sts
Row 1 (ws) K1b, p1b k1b, k1, p1b, p1 Rep from * to * to last 4 sts, K1b, k1, p1b, k1b.
Row 2 (rs) K1b, k1b, k1, p1b, p1, rep from * to * to last 5 sts, k1b, k1, p1b, k2b,

My question is if I k2b on row 2 then it decreases. So the next row is only 57 sts, and so on… Why is my blanket going to continue to get smaller? What am I doing wrong or is this the correct pattern? Should I be adding one back somewhere. It is from the Lions Brand web site and is the pattern that came on the back of the yarn I purchased to make the blanket.

Thank you for the help!!!

I am wondering if you are supposed to knit 2 through the back loop but separately, as you have said it is supposed to be a blanket and if there are no increases the blanket would just get smaller, and not look quite like a blanket. I am new at this as well though so hopefully someone with more experience will be able to provide some insight. Some patterns do contain small errors and are at times misprinted

Here’s the stitch explanation. It’s not a decrease, you’re just creating twisted stitches. Its possible that last one is an error or maybe you just do two k1b.


k1b = knit into back loop
p1b = purl into back loop

Since you’re on the last 5 sts of row 2, it’s a shorthand for knit 2sts, each through the back loop:
"…to last 5 sts, k1b, k 1, p1b, k2b." is the same as
…to last 5 sts, k1b, k1, p1b, k1b, k1b.

K2b isn’t a decrease, you just knit 2 sts tbl.

Thank you so much for your help!