Lion's Brand Microspun Yarn

Pictures of garments made from this yarn look very pretty. I love the definition the stitches have. I’m wondering though if this yarn is a booger to work with. Can those of you that have used it give me any info or advise?:wink:

i found it splitty. but the finished item was pretty! do you know if Lion is discontinuing it? it has been in clearance at the Michael’s near me, and not restocked.

Oh, I hope they don’t discontinue it. I like the sheen to it, and it knits up really nice. It is splitty though. Just needs a bit of extra attention when I knit with it.

No, I haven’t heard of it being discontinued. I saw an auction for about 10 skeins on ebay at a great price and was wondering how it knit up. I rarely get to the nearest town that carries it. Yarn is hard to find around here. Other than buying on line, swapping is about my only other source.
Sandra from SC

I’m knitting my dd a sweater with it now, and some of it is splitty, and other skeins are nice. It does look really pretty knit up, though.


I tried crocheting with it but it split to much for my liking. i haven’t tried knitting with it yet.

There are several threads on thi ssubject. You can do a search on “microspun” and see. This yarn is very contentious among us knitters. It is so soft and yummy yet so hard to actually knit. There are many arguments for and against. If the Lion Brand company wants to know how this yarn is doing they should come here and see for themselves!:teehee:

It does look very nice and is very soft. I’ve heard it’s splitty, but that doesn’t bother me much.

I agree with everyone. The yarn is splity, but not too bad for knitting. I did not enjoy crocheting with it at all. I have knit a few items with it and really like the drape.

I like this yarn quite a bit. It is soft and comes in great colors and is machine wash/dry. I didn’t find it particularly splitty especially compared with many of the cotton yarns I’ve used.

Yarn being good or bad is a pretty personal decision, so give it a try and see if you like it.

I knitted a sweater and it came out nice and i had no problem with it.

I’ve only used it once and I didn’t have a problem knitting with it. (I made a sleeveless top and it goes into the washer and dryer.)


I does tend to split, but I love knitting socks with it. It’s affordable, soft and washes like a dream. It also helps that it comes in a wide range of colors. :slight_smile:

I like the yarn as well but I found that it tends to split so you also have to be careful9ezpecially if you use sharp needles…) I do like the fact that it is soft thought…

I recently finished up a “Column of Leaves” scarf using Microspun. There was only one stitch that caused splitting for me; I can’t recall what the stitch sequence was that caused it, but it happened almost every time so extra care was needed for like purling into a yarn over or something.

From my KAL posting:

I use microspun a lot, and I really like how soft it is and the splitting doesn’t bother me. The only problem I have with it is that there is a really big color difference between dye lots, for example I bought the lilac color twice, once it was periwinkle and once it was sky blue, and the purple was a bright crayon purple once, and a lot darker the next time. I always expect different dye lots to be visibly different, but not completely different shades, so I only buy it in person now.

MARNI, that is a very pretty stitch pattern. A great job too.

As far as the microspun splitting is concerned, I’m guessing that how pointed your needle tips are would have a lot to do with the problem also.

Thanks everyone for your comments. The next time I see a large amount of this for auction on ebay at such a great price, I will bid on it.

Sandra from SC

Thanks. :aww:

Nah, wasn’t the tips that would split the yarn for me anyway. It was more like it just untwisted. So, like I said, it was really only one particular sequence of stitches in the pattern that would cause the untwisting effect.

Yes, it’s very loosely twisted so that’s the main reason it splits.

I have been knitting a tie with the yarn and I didn’t have a splitty problem with it. I am working on size 2 needles. I have posted a question on seaming the tie, including a picture. I have bought some of the yarn for future projects like socks and another tie as this was a practice tie.:woohoo: