Lionbrand Pattern question

I just came across the Cable Luxe Tunic pattern on the lionbrand site.
The sweater is just pretty! Has anyone knitted this pattern? I just want to find out any mistakes in the pattern before I buy it.



I haven’t seen it in here, but you might do a search on the name.

Also it says corrections have been applied earlier this month so maybe it’s okay.

That’s a really pretty sweater!!! The corrections were applied a year ago so I’d feel safe in getting the pattern and making it.

Hope you’ll post a picture when you’re done!!!


I just looked on Ravelry and a ton of people have knit it. A lot of the people talk about the pattern being problematic and have posted their modifications. Not sure if you are a member or not but it might be worth looking into. Good luck, it is a beautiful sweater!