Lionbrand pattern: Hat with ears


This is my first time posting. I’m trying to knit a Lionbrand pattern, hat with ears. Very cute. I’m having a bit of trouble reading the pattern. I hope it’s ok that this post is kinda detailed and a bit long. Sorry! I look forward to hearing from your responses. Thank you!

It has seed stitches. I looked up the definition of this and seems pretty basic, alternating knits and purls in the row, and then knitting where there are purls and vice versa. In the pattern, the first three rows are a bit confusing. In the explanation of the pattern, row 1 and 2 makes sense to me, but i’m wondering why it says “repeat row 2” for the 3rd row? My instinct is to just alternate row 1 and 2 of the seed stitch.

The seed stitch pattern:
Seed Stitch (multiple of 2 sts + 1) <----- what does this mean?
Row 1 *K 1, p 1; rep from * to last st, k 1.
Row 2 Knit the purl sts and purl the knit sts.
Rep Row 2 for Seed st. <-------- part i don’t understand

Inc Row (RS) (2 Seed sts, M1) 2 times, work in Seed st to last 4 sts, (M1, 2 Seed sts) 2 times – 41 sts.

In this row, it seems inevitable that the “m1” stitch will create 2 identical stitches right next to each other, messing up the seed stitch pattern a bit. I wonder if it matters that it’s a bit messed up. Seed stitches are busy looking already.

Set-up Row (WS) Beginning with Row 1 of patterns, work 12 sts of Cable I, place marker, 3 Seed sts, place marker, 11 sts of Cable II, place marker, 3 Seed sts, place marker, 12 sts of Cable I.
Continue in patterns as established until 84 rows of patterns have been completed; end with Row 4 of patterns.

The part where it says 3 seed sts, i assume that it means i should do a knit stitch where there’s a purl and vice versa. But in the picture on the website it seems to show a vertical row of knits and purls.

Ktbl and Ptbl

I tried looking at tutorial diagrams and found pretty good instructions on how it’s supposed look like, but i don’t know if i knit in an opposite fashion. I was taught how to knit by my mom, but I didn’t start with reading patterns. So i don’t know if how i insert the needle in the loop is the standard way or not. When I try to create the twisting stitch, it doesn’t look like i’ve created a twisting stitch. I end up taking the loop and twisting it before i knit the loop. After a few rows of this I don’t think i like how it looks.

I wonder if it’s worth it to do Ktbl and Ptbl for this pattern. I wonder if regular Knit and purl would be satisfactory.

Weave in ends. Fold piece with WS tog to form a 7-inch [18 cm] deep hat with a 3½ inches [9 cm] flap. Sew side seams beg at the top and sewing until 2 inches [5 cm] from the fold. Flatten side seam and top of hat and, from WS, sew across, forming an upside-down “T”.

I haven’t gotten to this part yet. It’s hard for me to envision what the ears and the flap at the back will look like. I can’t really tell from the instructions how the ears and the flap will be created.

Cable II (11-st cable)
Row 1 (WS) K 2, (p 1 tbl, k 1) 3 times, p 1 tbl, k 2.
Row 2 (RS) P 2, slip next 3 sts to cable needle and hold in front, (k 1 tbl, p 1) twice; (k 1 tbl, p 1, k 1 tbl) from cable needle, p 2.

Another thing I noticed is when I attempt the above pattern, it turns into a seed stitch pattern. I don’t know if it’s intended that way.