Lionbrand Landscapes Yarn

I have 4 balls of this - which is about 200 yds…what would you all do with it? Do you think the Potato Chip Scarf would work? (obviously in larger needles). I originally bought to make handwarmers but ended up going in a different direction. I can return 3 of the 4 balls, but the 4th was already rolled up into a ball…so I figure I might as well go ahead and use it on something!

With edit:

I am thinking of this pattern too, which is geared toward it:

Landscapes is a gorgeous, thick, cozy yarn, and it seemed much bulkier than I pictured it as a knitted fabric. I forget what the Potato Chip Scarf yarn weight is, but Landscapes will make a pretty thick scarf, and IIRC the Potato Chip wasn’t so much thick as it was curly.
a bit of advice if working with Landscapes: it doesn’t frog well. the colorful filmy wrap-around piece tends to undo itself from the “core” part.

edit: attached a pic. I thought I didn’t have a pic but I found one. this is a 1x1 rib.

I considered buying this yarn to make my toddler a sweater with. The “Joseph” cardigan/jacket pattern from knitty uses a pretty chunky yarn and it seems like it would work well for that (at least I think so, I’m far from a pro at yarn subbing!).

Which colorway did you get? Do you feel like trading or selling it? :wink:

I have a book called “just hats” by Lions brand and there is an awesome hat that calls for Landscapes. I would be happy to let you “borrow” the pattern if you want to pm me. :devil: I might even be able to scan the picture of it for you The pattern calls for 4 skeins–the hat pictured is summer fields but I’m sure it’d look awesome in any color!

My vote is for Scrunchable Scarf!

or this scarf: MySoCalledScarf

Ohhhhh…I love that scarf…I forgot all about it…

yeah me too…I can’t wait until I make mine!

I want one too but I have so many things I need to make for everyone else first–Kelly K said she felt like it could also be a very masculine scarf if the right yarn were used–I PMed her to see what she recommended–maybe I’ll make it for dh…

well if you’re making stuff for other people first then I think you should make yours at the same time that you’re doing your husband’s if not first. The stuff that you’re making for other people, are they gifts? or did people just ask you to make them stuff? I guess what i’m trying to ask are there time restraints? I just want to get some stuff OTN before I start mine.

i would suggest a pattern that requires NO seaming

i made a hat on flat needles and when i went to seam it up, that yarn just shredded!

i love the colors and pick it up everytime i go to joann’s, but i just can’t bring myself to buy it again :frowning: