Lion Yarn big hat question

so I want to make this hat…
the directions state:

cast on 19 stitches
Row 1 K1, (p1,k1) across
repeat row one

so, I start with 2 knits each row and end with a purl?

I know I should follow the pattern but why is the first knit in a capital letter?

perhaps a silly question.
it is seed stitch.

no you knit the first stitch and then do the part in the parenthesis until the end. you should end the round with a knit stitch.

Typo? Start of a ‘sentence?’

When it says repeat row one, do it exactly.

Even though they stated it k1, (p1k1), you’re going to doing k1, p1 all the way across, ending with a k1. Seed stitch.

thanks for all the help! :heart:

WHA!!! I think I kept reading the pattern as K1 (ki, p1) instead of what I wrote above! Sheesh!

Makes a difference!