Lion Thick & Quick Afghan

I bought this yarn (adirondacks) on clearance. It goes great in my living room. I bought enough to make an afghan with. I’m having trouble finding a pattern that uses super bulky that isn’t meant for the furry/eyelash-type. Anything goes. I’m up for trying new techniques. It’s for me, so no time-frame or anything. I just want to start clearing out my stash so I can buy better, more yummy yarn!

Oh yeah…I hate seaming too, so an all in one piece would be best!

Thanks a bunch!!!


I like the colors in that yarn!
I have a very similar project in mind, and although I haven’t started, I am considering using a SUPER EASY pattern found here:

scroll alllll the way down to pattern #2 “easy throw”

You’d just have to decide which needle size to use, probably #15 or #17,
and decided how many stitches to cast on, then follow the pattern.

I am going to make a throw for my brother with a super soft bulky chenille I found at Michael’s, Patons “Bohemian”…it is like a cloud.