Lion Suede

hello everyone, I got a bunch of lion brand lionsuede yarn for my birthday a few months ago and i was going to start to make the knitting tote from berroco. When i started to work with it i realized how impossible it is to work with, the yarn has no stretch to it and i found myself pushing the needle REALLY hard into each stitch to work it. As I did this I realized that The tightness of each stitch was causing my needles to scratch against each other, I decided after a few rows of working the bag to just take it apart and do something else. I didnt want to damage my needles and i didnt want to knit with a yarn that was not fun to work with.
The yarn was so expensive and it’s so pretty that i dont want to just let it sit in my corner forever. I tried to crochet with it and while i can easily crochet with it, i dislike the look of crochet and i do not want to “waste” my beautiful yarn on a crochet project.
has anyone else had similar trouble?
Are there any other yarns that are as impossible as lionsuede?
are there any good patterns that wont completely destroy my needles?

I made a cardigan out of Lion Suede. I didn’t have any problem with it destroying my needles, but the needles did kind of squish down the yarn where I had to work to slide it off. I washed it though (the cardigan) and the squished parts plumped back up. I agree that it is hard to work with and has no stretch. It’s pretty though…

All i made with lionbrand suede was the ugg baby booties but I used bamboo needles. It was a little tough to work with. but the booties came out soo cute. i need to take a pic and post them here before i ship them to my best friend for her baby.

I haven’t made any large projects or actual garments with Lion Suede, but I did just make a reeeeealllllly long drop stitch scarf with two strands held together on size 19 needles. They were actually plastic needles that I got on sale at Meijer for $.25 :lol: so no scratching involved! I didn’t find the yarn that hard to work with, though you are absolutely correct when you say it has no give. I was also thinking a simple eyelet type pattern wrap might work with this yarn because it’s so soft, I want to snuggle with it :wink:

I also have a friend who has crocheted a million pillow covers with it and as one who has passed out asleep on those pillows on her couch, I can vouch for their softness :teehee:

Good Luck!!

hmmm, i can’t believe i never even thought of the needles, I do have some bamboo and another gift that i recieved for my birthday was a set of plastic size 9 circular needles :doh:
I dont really like the plastic needles, but maybe they are just what i need, thank you.