Lion Brands cotton yarn

Has anyone used this yarn?

Does it wash well and hold it’s colors?

I can’t find how big the balls/skeins are. The LB website does not say. Does anyone know?

I’m looking at dishcloths for xmas presents.

It does say on the site - But you have to open Product details. There’s 236 yds in the solids, 189 yds in the multis.

I’ve used LB cotton a lot. Made dishcloths last Christmas for Mom and she LOVES them. She rinses them in the sink with bleach for colors and they haven’t lost their color yet. I’ve also made socks with them and they wash great. I guess you could say I recommend LB cotton. :thumbsup:

Thanks! You have sold me.:cheering: I will look for it the next time I’m out.

Thank you! I didn’t see that.:aww:

Yeah, I missed it first time I went to the new site looking at another yarn, then started clicking buttons to see what they’d do…

Your random clicking paid off.:teehee:

It’s always good to click on stuff to see what it does, on any site, in any software. You find a lot of shortcuts sometimes. The worst it can do is lock up; you can always restart.

I have an unreasonable love for LB’s kitchen cotton as well as Peaches and Creme and Sugar 'n Cream. I’ve used them for dish cloths, dish towels, and ice pack sleeves.

If you’re worried about bleeding, you can try soaking your finished project in a mix of cool water and white vinegar (and then wash it in the laundry). I’ve done that with the more vivid colors and it helps!

Well, I normally do click away. I’m an adventurous sort when it comes to computers. That website is new to me, so I’m lost half the time.:wink:

Maybe I will try that for a few of the cloths for myself. I have some peaches and cream that seemed to really fade.
My sil from WI sent me some yarn from the infamous Hobby Lobby that has yet to fade. She had a stash at home and didn’t remember the brand. Lovely stuff.
I’m really anxious to try the LB cotton.
(I’m a cotton lover too.:teehee: )