Lion Brand's Cable Throw

Some of you have made the cable throw and have posted photo’s of it. It looks beautiful. I’m wondering if any of you have tried knitting it in one piece? If so was it confusing? Did it work?

Have ordered yarn for my grandson’s room, don’t want to sew it if I can just knit it all at once! :teehee:


I haven’t made it, but I would certainly try knitting in one piece!

I remember someone saying that they knit it in one piece just by casting on 120 stitches. That wouldn’t be too bad to have on circs and it’s a bulky throw, so it wouldn’t take too long.

Well the yarn came in today, so I’m giving it a shot! I cast on for all five panels at once and I just finished the first cabled row. I think it will be doable, the only problem seems to be remembering which row I’m on.

I would have that problem five times instead of one doing them separately! :wink:

I’m anxious to hear how it goes for you…take pix as you go along? For sure post at least a FO pix! Good luck!

Since my memory is bad sometimes, I usually work with a notebook, and keep a running log of where I am. Sure beats staring at my knitting and wondering just where I am on the project.

I did tie some different colored yarn on the row that “ended” the first pattern.
that way I will know which one is the eighteenth row. If I do that every eighteenth maybe I won’t get too lost! :roll:


I did find that journaling is quite a bit easier to do than counting up from the string! Thank you!!!

Here is a WIP of the throw about 1/3 finished.

Looking good! I want to make this too- it looks like a fast knit too. You keep inspiring me to make it.

It is a fast knit. Especially knitting all 5 panels at once!

Now that I know more about knitting, I would definitely knit it in one piece! I think it would be simple to do.

Wow you are fast. That throw is beautiful so far. I think it is going to work really well for you. Keep up the fantastic work!


I’m so glad I did do it in one piece! How are your socks coming? Finding any time for school work? (smile)

Damn, that looks good!!! Nice work :thumbsup: