Lion Brand Weekly Stitch pattern problem

OK, so I am making a scrubby from an old weekly stitch and the scrubby is made of bobbles. I have never made them before and am finding the instructions a Tad confusing. Here’s where I’m at: MB (Make Bobble) (Yo, k1) 3 times in same st, turn; sl 1, p5, turn; sl 1, k5, turn; (p2tog) 3 times, turn; sk2p. sk2p (slip-k2tog-pass slipped st over)
I get the (yo,k1) 3 times in same St, it’s when it gets to the turn that I go to mush.
I will link the pattern so you can see What it is supposed to look like.

You’re going to do a couple rows just on these bobble stitches. If you yo k 3times in the same stitch you have 6 sts. Turn and sl1, p5, then turn again to sl1, k5, then turn and p2tog 3 times which leaves you with 3 stitches. Then turn and do the sl k2tog psso on them which leaves you with 1 stitch again. If you take some leftover yarn and do a little sample and follow along step by step you’ll understand how it’s done a little better. Some things are hard to ‘see’ in our heads, but make more sense with stitches on the needle.

OK, so when it says “turn”, I just rework the new stitches I made?

Yes, you’re adding rows to the bobble only, at this point. Then you’ll decrease and eventually continue on with the row.