Lion Brand Sweater Bag

Has anyone here made this bag? In the picture it looks like a nice size bag. I cannot figure out the finishing instruction.:shrug: Anyone??? thanks, Tillie

Someone made this and said it was WAY larger than expected when they were done.

As for finishing, basically you sew the bottom edge together, then fold it a third of the way up and sew up the sides (this becomes the purse part), then attach the strap to each side. It’s made like you would fold a letter for mailing, if you know what I mean.

thanks for your help. I just could not understand why I made this huge bag, knitted in the round so it was the size of a pillow case…and then folded it to be so small!!!

Tillie - I thought the same thing! I love the design, but it’s like double knitting for no real purpose. I thought about just doing one layer on straights, omitting the plain st that are hidden, but there’s so many purse patterns out there, there’s sure to be something similar without all that trouble!

I started this bag a few nights ago. Going along really well. I love the design of the bag, and can’t wait to get it finished!