lion brand pattern L70142. Diego Hoodie Pullover

I have completed this pattern except for adding the hood. The are no directions for how to get from knitting the front to adding the live stitches to the back live stitches, or do I bind off shoulder areas? I am truly stuck. I had to rip out half of the front and redo, I don’t want to go through that again. Please help me. Thank you in advance.

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If you look after the instructions for Finishing, there are directions for working the sts for the hood from the right shoulder, back and left shoulder. Then the directions for the hood and its shaping follow.

Thank you. I don’t know how I missed that. I think I must have stapled the directions together in the wrong order. I still can’t see what I am supposed to do with the 22 stitches I have live on each side of the placket. There are still two balls of yarn also attached as I worked each side……Are the bound off areas the shoulders? I though they wer for the sleeves. Ok. This is making more sense to me now. Thanks again for your help, but still confused about what to do with the two balls of yarn.

You’re going to need an end of yarn at the right shoulder in order to knit the 11(12,12) sts on hold on the right front. If the yarn ball on the right front (right front as you would wear the sweater) is in the correct position you can use that yarn strand. The other ball can be cut off leaving about a 6" tail to weave in later.

The photos on this project and several of the Ravelry projects are much clearer.

See if they help.

Thanks, again. I am beginning to get this and I will tackle it in the next few days.

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Let us know how it’s going. We’ll be happy to help if you get stuck.

Ok. I have the hoodie part finished, but there are still live stitches on each side of the placket. I have read and reread the instructions and I can’t find anything that tells me what to do with those.
Also, I want to use the kitchener stitch, or mattress stitch to connect the two sides of the hood together. I think that will look nice and feel nice than a bind off and then sewing the two sides together.

If you need a picture of the issue I’m having, let me know.

Thanks again, for all your help.


The placket sts (garter stitch panels on either side of neck) should become part of the hood. They form the trim around the face.
Which size are you making?