Lion Brand Knitting Club

I’m so stoopid. I signed up for this. I didn’t start reading the fine point till after I joined. The deal is, you become a “knitting instructor” and they give you all these tools to help you get started. The catch is, you gotta make yer people in the group buy stuff from Lion Brand. :rollseyes: Why does everything have to be some ploy to get ya to buy stuff. I shoulda read the fine print before I signed up. Anyone else get tricked by this?

:shock: Thanks for the heads up on that. I have kinda avoided LB after the whole “Homespun fiasco” where the yarn changed colors in the middle of a skein. I’m not a snob but when it happens 3x with 3 different skeins (all the same dye lot) right in the middle of a sweater pattern, I draw the line and take a stand. I really appreciate you posting this 'cause I might have gotten sucker in. :rollseyes:


Sorry to hear you were trapped. Can you just drop it? Like give them the “no show” ?

yeah I got that over the weekend and thought cool a knitting club lol about to sign up when dh was still reading and said did you see this? so thankfully I didn’t hit the submit… :rollseyes:

I read through it all after I got my newsletter from them, and was sorta kinda thinking about it since LB is only available in limited amounts here in Canada, and I belong to a knitting group that would probably pitch in for a group order. You can’t sign up unless you live in the US. :frowning:

UG! International discrimination too!!! Well, I’ll just let my membership “lapse.” OR I could be sneaky and order for my friends north of the border and then ship it to them myself. Hmph.

Of course, I didn’t read the whole article but did seen ‘instructor’ and immediately thought of Ingrid as who better would be in that category. Glad I didn’t pass it along to her. If there’s too much print MEGO. Which is probably why I come up with such dumb comments.

I did it, I signed up.

I’ve been trying to get something going for a while now, and I think that this will help me.

I’ll just steer the people away from the homespun is all. No sense in throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

I will give one good vote for Lion Brand Homespun.

It works fine for making one-piece items in garter stitch. Other stitches are just too hard to do with that yarn.

I like to use it for making simple garter stitch scarves, wraps, throws, and baby blankets. It’s perfect for that - and very soft.

And there is a LOT available in LOTS of stores, so you can always buy more for a good price.

It is really good for making warm blankets and items for charity too.

I don’t mind the homespun. I find it a little picky, but I find nearly every fibre that isn’t smooth to be tricky sometimes. My beef is that we can’t get most of what LB has in Canada… just what WM and Mike’s want to sell… and they’ve NEVER had Magic Stripes at either. There’s something with LB that they will not sell to Canadian distributors… I guess that’s why they aren’t allowing Canadian knitting teachers either.

That’s weird. We’ve got the stripey yarn in our WM. But they don’t carry most of the LB stuff. I could ship you some! samm

What bugs me is that I work at the largest WM in town… we’re even slated to be upgraded to a SuperWM. The Bernat Sox that I like to use for my kids socks has all been clearanced at mine {well over a year ago now}, meanwhile it’s still regular stock at other ones in town. :?? We’ve got a few LB products at work, but mainly I go to Mike’s to get anything LB that I want.

My daughter gave me 2 skeins of homespun in the covered bridge red (gorgeous color) and I made a really simple triangular shawl with it (LB pattern). It was simple and squishy, and I LOVE it even tho’ I didn’t like homespun the first time I used it.

I continental knit now (opposed to english on my first try with HS) and it didn’t worm once. It probably had to do with my tension or holding the yarn, or something. But the pattern was simple and fast.

She also gave me a couple of skeins of a LB super chunky which I am looking for a pattern for. Again, bee-yoo-tiful colors. I may make a pillow for her new apt with it.

With all that said, I will be glad to volunteer to accept your handouts of unwanted LB Homespun. I can use it for my charity knitting, if nothing else!

The WMs here are new and large and have a very small selection of yarns compared to what the old stores used to have. It’s frustrating. samm

I don’t mind Homespun, and even Bernat Boucle doesn’t bother me. It’s just a matter of finding a suitable pattern in either knit or crochet for it. I really should get a few more rows done on my sweatercoat… it’s sitting all lonely in the corner.