Lion Brand Jiffy curling

I am knitting a scarf out of Lion Brand Jiffy 100% Acrylic yarn and part of is it stockinette and it is rolling like a tube. I know the top topic is how to make stockinette stop curling and I went through the posts but my question is since this is wash and dry yarn will spray blocking help the curling? Is there anything I can do about this or will I have to frog my work on pick another yarn?

It is the nature of the stockinette stitch to curl. It’s not the yarn. Washing will not relax it. It might seem to when it’s wet, but it will come back. Like the other link says choose a different stitch or make a garter or moss stitch border. Particularly for a scarf. If one is knitting a sweater where the edges of various pieces will be a attached then that takes care of the curling and you don’t have to make a border.

Good luck.

I went back through the stockinette topic and unfortunately I did not see where any of the suggestions were put into practice and if they worked or not. I am thinking of putting a crochet border on the scarf hoping that will help.

Thanks newamy. I will try the border and see.

As a new knitter (with my crochet I don’t have this problem), I am having trouble picking yarns for projects if I don’t have access to the yarn suggested. I am having a little trouble comprehending spending a lot of time reading, yarndex, knitty, etc. I was gravitating to the acrylics mixes because of the care instructions which works most of the time for my crochet but I am finding the knitting projects are not laying as well. Any tips or comments for a newbie.

If you are new at knitting lots of stitches may not seem like they turn out nice. I don’t crochet, so cannot draw a comparison. When I first learned to knit last year I did lots of dish cloths. The sugar and cream cotton is cheap, in fun colors, the projects are small, and you can practice all sorts of stitch combinations depending on the pattern you choose. There are tons of free dishcloth patterns on line. Even if a dishcloth doesn’t turn out all that great you will still have a useful item when you are done. But I wouldn’t make a dishcloth all in stockinette- it will curl.