Lion brand Incredible ribbon yarn

Somehow “ribbon yarn” sounds like a contradition in terms, but here goes. I’m knitting a tank top for DD out of Incredible and it seems like I spend half my time untwisting the ribbon to keep it smooth. This is the first thing I’ve ever used ribbon yarn for and I don’t know whether I should continue to untwist all the time or just let it get twisted. I’ve done about 10 inches in the round already. Only two more inches to go until I do the armholes. Any thought on knitting with ribbon yarn gratefully appreciated!

Question #2: I’m going to try the Paton’s Anna V-neck pullover with the bell sleeves (this was discussed in a previous post) and I’m planning to try Crystal Palace Musique yarn for this. Has anyone knit with this yarn before? Would you recommend it? I hate ordering online without feeling the yarn, but this may be my best bet.

Thanks a lot everyone!!

Mary, sometimes with ribbon yarn it helps a lot if you can thread the ball of ribbon on a spindle, sideways like a roll of toilet paper. This way, it unfurls straight off the ball instead of vertically. For instance, a cardboard box deep enough to hold the ball sideways without touching the bottom or sides, with maybe a long knitting needle through the middle of the ball and poked through the box sides, as if the box were a toilet paper holder and knitting needle was the thing you actually put in the cardboard part of the toilet paper roll.
Clear as mud? :blush:

I haven’t used ribbon yarn, but I would think that if you stop straightening it out now, you’re going to change the whole look of your stitches. Maybe you can get it straighter as Mary S. suggested and save yourself the trouble of untwisting.