Lion brand hoodie question

Hi all, I’m still working on these thing, but good news is I’ve finally moved onto the sleeves…

Here’s the direx for the sleeves:
[FONT=“Arial Black”][B][B]SLEEVES (make 2)
Cast on 23 (23, 28, 29) sts. Work in Garter st for 4 (4, 6, 6) rows. Inc 1 st each end of next row. Rep last 5 (5, 7, 7) rows 11 (11, 11, 13) times - 47 (47, 52, 57) sts, then work even until Sleeve measures 6 (7, 8, 10) in. [15 (18, 20.5, 25.5) cm] from beg. Bind off.[/B][/B][/FONT]

Anyway, after working a few rows on the 1st sleeve, since the pattern says to increase only @ the end of a row, it’s slanted on one side, but straight on the other. Will that be weird to sew together?

The other thing that is making me wonder about whether it should be increased at the beg. and end of a row is that it says it should be 52 stitches (for size 2T) after repeating 11xs. If I just increase one time every 7 rows, that’ll give me just 39 stitches.

Does this make sense?

Here’s the pattern if you want to reference the entire thing:

This is a common pattern reading error. The pattern actually reads:

[FONT=Arial Black][B][B]Inc 1 st [COLOR=Red]each[/COLOR] end of next row[/B][/B][/FONT]

Which means [B]both[/B] ends of the row; there’s two ends of a row, the start and finish.

Ah! I would have missed that. SO glad you’re here, Suzeeq!

I’ve missed it myself a time or three…

thanks, Suz…I need patterns that really spell it out, since I’m such a novice. in the meantime, I’ll count on y’alls expertise.

There’s a lot of expertise here! These gals give me a lot of confidence to try new patterns.