Lion Brand Child's Raglan Pullover help

I need some help. I’m knitting a Raglan sweater for my son and having issues assembling it. The problem is that the pattern has the front being longer than the back from the bottom to the underarm by about 5 inches. So when I go to sew the seams after I’ve sewed the sleeves, the front is about 4 inches longer than the back. How do I fix this? Am I misreading the pattern? It would make more sense if the length from the bottom to the underarm be the same for front and back…
I should mention that this is my first raglan sweater…

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Thanks for the link to the pattern. Uh-oh, the front and the back should be the same length to the underarm. Which size are you making?

Thanks for the reply. Size 4. I’m also going to make a size 6 for my other son once I can get this one done. The adult size pattern has the back being longer than the front. Just seems weird to me. I"m going to just go ahead and adjust to make the length to underarm the same. I’m not experienced with sweaters and am definitely a beginner knitter.

I can see where the instructions might be confusing. The back to the underarms is 9" for size 4 so the front to the underarms should also be 9". On the front you would then work a further 4" 13" total from the beginning) before shaping the front neck.

okay, so at 9" I would start the arm shaping but not start the neck shaping until 13"?

I just read the instructions again and now it makes sense!! They should really include a picture! Because it says “cont to work Raglan armhole shaping”, assuming I started working it at 9". Then at 13" do the neck shaping! Thank you so much for your help! Now I have to go redo my front piece…sigh. I need more practice anyway…lol

Yes, you’ve got it. At 9", bind off for the armholes and at 13" start the neck shaping on the front.That way the front and back side seams will match up.
This kind of direction shows up more commonly as directions set off by asterisks. Somehow it’s clearer that way.
Sorry for the trouble but I hope it’s not too much ripping out. Good luck with the finishing and the larger size sweater!

Thank you so much for your help!