Lion Brand Cable Luxe Tunic Free Download for limited time

Thanks, Lu! I’ve always loved that pattern!

Me too, but budget constraints (and SO many great free patterns available) keep me from spending on patterns.

I’ve been thinking of making it! :hug:

Thanks, I’ve liked this too. Even if I never make it, reading the pattern to see how many inches they used to get the “swing” look will be useful to me.

For those who want to make it I got this in my email… a Cable Luxe KAL.

ooh that’s pretty! I haven’t mad a swaeter/shirt or anything like that yet but it’s pretty enough to give it a try:)

Thanks for mentioning that, I didn’t notice the KA.:x:

Oh how fun! Unfortunately, I can absolutely not join KAL until after Christmas, but I will totally be keeping track of this one.

Wow!! That is such a beautiful sweater!!! I LOVE it! I have never made a sweater before OR done cables! Maybe I should to a cable scarf to practice before jumping into the sweater!! I saved it to my computer so maybe I can try and make it when I am feeling more confident!

I went to look at the pattern again and saw that they call for Lion Brand Wool Ease - I wanted to tell you that I was in JoAnn’s on Wednesday and they had that onsale for 2 for $4.00 - I bought just one for a different project and they sold it to me for 2.00 and I was able to use a coupon. (I wish I had seen this FIRST!!) :slight_smile: But, I wanted to share in case you wanted to try and get the yarn before the sale ends!!

Thank you for posting this pattern. I truly love tunics - they’re so warm and snuggle-up-in-able! This one is sooo gorgeous.