Lion Brand Afghan

Has anyone seen the pattern for the log cabin afghan in the Lion Brand weekly newsletter? It’s called Slip Stitch Sampler Throw. I love the look, but don’t want to buy the kit as I’d rather pick out my own yarn.
Any ideas as to where I can find just the pattern?
The newsletter will let you click on just the “free” pattern but the only thing that comes up for me is the correction page for the pattern.

OOPS!!! I just saw the correction page then didn’t scroll down far enough to see the rest of the pattern. Guess I’m not really awake yet!!!

I’m making coffee right now if you’d care to join me? Glad you found the pattern.

Yeah it’s me again.
I found this darling sweater in my LYS today. The bummer is they are out of the book the sweater pattern came out of so can’t check to see what sizes the pattern comes in.
I found the book on line, and it says 0-3years, but of course it doesn’t say what patterns in the book are what sizes.
If anyone out there has this book and can tell me what the size range for the Vintage Smock Frock Cardi I’d be grateful. I don’t want to order the book if it doesn’t come in the larger size as I want to make it for my granddaughter for next year.
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

How adorable. Have you tried the Ravelry page?
Looks like it comes in 0-3years but a check of the projects and photos may give you more confidence in the sizes.

Thanks I did find someone who had made the the 2-3 year old pattern. YIPPEE!! Guess I’ll be getting the yarn the next time I’m in my LYS.