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When it says twist all knits stiches (kbl), does that include the K2tog stitches?

AND, if I used WW instead of DK, should I got up one needle size?

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Since it says to knit them all tbl I would do all of them including the k2tog.

I would suggest using the needle size recommend on your yarn. If you want it looser and more lacy go up a size, if you want it tighter go down. Just remember that if you use a different yarn sizes may be affected. There shouldn’t be too much difference, but just to make note of this. :wink:

I see it’s using size 11s with the DK to make it lacey, you could use 13s with worsted, maybe even 15s. But it’s going to be quite a lot larger.

Oops, I didn’t notice the size they were using with DK. :doh:Definitely use bigger needles then to get a lacy look.