Hey guys, I just finished knitting the (for lack of better words) “body” of my purse, and I had a question about lining. I basically took the pattern for an Irish hiking scarf, made a few alterations, and now that I’ve bound off I’m going to fold it in half and sew up the sides to make it a purse. I have to line it though, and since this is my first real project, I’m lost. Am I supposed to line it using a sewing machine? And if so… how? I’m scared that the stitches from the lining will show up on the outside of the purse. If anyone can explain the right way to line stuff, I’d really appreciate it.

Also, for Mattress Stitch, I know you’re supposed to start at the bottom and go up, but how do you close the hole at the bottom without some kind of knot showing? Same question for the top… Is there a particular (neat) way to close/end something after you use Mattress Stitch?


I found this link previously posted by lisak that I printed for myself at one time – haven’t tried it yet, though! Good luck :smiley:

When I finish up with mattress stitch, I make sure ends of the knitting are secrure with an extra stitch, and then I put my needle and yarn down through the seam on the back side for an inch or so and secure it there.

Thanks! That was really helpful :smiley:

But that brings me to one more question- Is it eaiser to just line it laying flat, before I seam up the sides? Or should I do what this article does and line it when its all closed up?