Lining the buttonband with grosgrain ribbon

Can anyone tell me how to line the buttonband of a cardigan with grosgrain ribbon? What about the buttonhole side? I have a baby sweater where I have to pick up the stitches on the sides of the fronts and k1p1 rib. I’m thinking that a grosgrain ribbon will give it stability, but I’ve never done this before. Anyone with experience on this?

I have picked up plenty of stitches on the fronts of baby sweaters and done K1, P1 ribbing, but I have never lined them with grosgrain ribbon. I have never found it necessary. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be a good idea if that is what you really want to do, I’m just saying I have made a lot of sweaters and seen a lot of patterns and they are not not used, or really needed.

That said, I can’t really be of any help on how to do this. I looked in several of my knitting books and no one addresses this issue. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I know they used to do this on some sweaters (store bought, and probably hand made), and may still do it but I haven’t seen it done.

I liked the button bands on a sweater with grosgrain ribbon, but I didn’t have the typical buttonholes and buttons on it. It had a clasp. I would think you could still do it, but where you have to slit it for the button hole you sew around it to the knitted fabric to hold it. I haven’t done it though.

Here’s what I did - At least you can see part of the ribbon.