Lining mittens

To follow up on a previous thread where I asked about lining mittens, I just wanted to give a quick update. My attempt was a complete disaster!

Since the mittens were a bit loose on my boyfriend anyway, I figured I could just trace a pattern around them, and after sewing with a 1/4" seam allowance, they would fit him just right. Well, they barely fit ME! And this was after having to cut off the wrist portion completely because silly me didn’t remember that the wrist part is supposed to STRETCH! :doh:

It’s embarrassing, really, seeing as I majored in fashion design in college and did nothing but sew for 4 years! :hiding:

How very frustrating! So sorry to hear that didn’t work out. However, I don’t think you should be embarrassed. After all, knowledge in a particular field does not automatically mean you know how to do everything in that field, right? And we all try things that just don’t work sometimes. There’s no shame in that; it’s just part of the learning experience (I think of it as an important part of creativity–the try-it-until-you-get-it-right kind).

Can you take the lining out and leave the mittens as they were originally? And can you make larger mittens and reuse the lining in those?

Sorry to hear that. I’ve been thinking about this. I’d consider buying some inexpensive stretchy gloves (they used to be called magic gloves I think) to wear inside the mittens. FWIW

Hehe, it’s no big deal, just a pain in the behind! He can still wear his mittens unlined! He just likes to make my life difficult. :slight_smile:

I never did attach the lining to the mittens since the lining didn’t fit at all, so they’re still unlined right now. He’s leaving tomorrow for his yearly 10 day ski trip so I really wanted to have the mittens done by then, but I completely forgot! I might try again tonight if I feel up to it and if I have enough fabric, but I have a feeling those mittens are going to stay unlined forever. My bf can kiss my you-know-what if he doesn’t like it! :rofl:

This project just made me remember how much I hated sewing when I was in school. Which is such a shame because I love sewing machines! And fabric! But the only other thing I hate more than sewing is cutting fabric! :hair:

I do the magic gloves thing underneath like Granny does. But if you really want thick ones, you might try double knitting, cables, or a simple Fair Isle. If you do Fair Isle or cables you do need to increase stitches after the cuff because they tend to pull in the work. Here’s a knitting tutorial for how to make warm bulletproof mittens according to your measurements.

It won’t help for this trip, but you might want to learn thrummed mittens. They’d be very warm I think!