Lining mittens

So I’m making my first ever pair of mittens right now! This is the pattern I am using. I doubt it matters for this, but I altered the colorwork to these charts.

So I’ve already gotten about halfway through the main charts, and it occurred to me that I’ve seen mittens that are lined, but this pattern has nothing about lining mittens. I thought with colorwork that it might be a good idea, but I’m not sure. So, do colorwork mittens normally need lining? I assume not, or this pattern would have that. If I wanted to add lining, is it too late to do so? and if it is possible, does anyone have a free pattern that shows how to do a lining that I could use to go alng with these? Thank you!

For warmth or to protect the floats?

I don’t think they are normally lined. Because you’ve got an extra layer from the floats I think they are naturally warmer.

I’m assuming though you mean lining to protect the floats? You need to make sure that you are catching the floats every few stitches so they aren’t long enough to catch your fingers in. Here’s a few video/links. I do fair isle two handed so this first video shows that.