Lining for Purse

Hi There,
I just finished knitting my first purse and would like to line it. I don’t know how to use a sewing machine so I will be doing it all by hand. My question is: What kind of material should I use for the lining and will I be able to do this by hand?
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Karen -

I don’t have a sewing machine either, but I like to line my felted bags. This link helped me learn how to line the bag. While it didn’t look perfect it looks great. I just found some cute cotton fabric that matched the colors in my purse, sewed the sides, the bottom corners and a ridge around the top and then sewed it into the top of the bag (but I didn’t sew all the way through. It did take a long time, but that was my first one. Here’s a picture. You can see where it is sewed in, but I liked the final look and the recipent loved it and that is what matters! :wink: If you have any questions let me know!

Best of Luck!

I used cotton fabric because that’s what I had on hand. I machine sewed the pockets on. Then, because I wanted a really firm interior, I made a double layer of fabric and slipped a plastic needlepoint canvas between the two layers, so it made the purse firm from one side to the other. I had to use a pocket because the white canvas showed through the knit stitches. Next time I’ll just use the plastic for purse bottoms (if they need it) and use iron on interfacing for the sides.

Then I machine sewed the sides together and popped it into the purse and hand sewed the top to the purse using a blind stitch. I wanted it to be ‘stretchable’ since this is not a felted bag, so I slightly gathered the fabric as I was sewing it in - that’s why it looks a little puckered. I had measured this beforehand by slightly stretching the bag and cutting the fabric to the widest dimension. I don’t think I’ll do this next time - I just attach it smoothly. A learning experience!

It’s entirely possible to do it by hand - it’ll just take longer. Make sure you’re using newish thread - old cotton thread can break easily.

Wow what beautiful work! I esp love the purple striped (I love lilac and purple)

I lined my first bag ever and it turned out pretty well and made the bag.
It’s fun to find the right fabric, really jazzes up the bag…

anyhoo here’s what mine turned out like no great shakes but it’s kinda sweet.