Lining and Earflaps - please help


I’m trying to work on a hat with earflaps, but not understanding the pattern so well. Can someone please help?

Cast on 88 stitches. place round marker & join.

Note: Earflaps are worked in short rows, w/remaining sts left on needle.

Work approx. 2.75" in stockinette stitch.

Begin working the first earflap as follows: P8,k21, turn
Next row: P21, turn
Next row: K20, turn
Continue working short rows, working 1 less stitch on each row, until 4 knit stitches remain.
Next row: P4, turn
New row: K5, turn
Continue in rows working 1 more stitch at the end of each row, ending last row with K21. First earflap is complete.
Continuing on, P30, K21, turn
Work 2nd earflap the same as 1st earflap on 21 stitches just worked
Continuing on, P8 to the end of round.
Change to US 7 circular needle and work in stockinette until the same depth as lining.

So far i’ve casted on 88 sts and started knitting in the round using stockinette stitch.

i’m not sure how to continue with the earflaps and now sue what it means when it says “working 1 less stitch on each row” and "working 1 more stitch at the end of each row.

Thank you.

I think that if you start with the described rows you’ll see exactly what is meant. When you’ve completed 2.75" in the round, you are going to begin working on just a small set of the sts on the needles. P8,k21, turn the work around (because you’re now going to work back and forth, until you complete the earflap and lining), and p21, turn, k20, turn, p19, turn, k 18, turn, p17, etc. and keep adding rows with one less st in each row until you have 4 sts on the needle. Just leave those unworked sts on the needle, you’ll use them when you work the lining.
Now you’re at the bottom of the earflap and for the lining, you’re going to turn and p4 and then purl 1 more st from the left needle, turn, k5 and also knit 1 more st from the left needle. Keep working 1 more stitch in each row until you finish k21. I think this will all become clearer as you actually work the sts. Good luck with the hat!

Thanks for your help salmonmac. i’ve followed your instructions on knitting the first earflap and have ended with 4 sts. Now i’m trying to work on the lining. the pattern asked for p4 turn, k5 turn. But following your methodology, it sounds like p4,p1,turn,k5,k1,turn. Why is that i add an extra stitch before i turn? I apologize if i’m misreading your instructions.

Sorry for being confusing. You’re absolutely right because the pattern says,
“Next row: [U]P4, turn[/U]
New row: K5, turn
Continue in rows working 1 more stitch at the end of each row, ending last row with K21. First earflap is complete.”

So you would do just that, p4, turn and then k4 plus k1 more, turn, p5 and then p1 more, turn, k6 and k1 more etc.
All the best!

Can’t thank you enough for walking me through this pattern. I’ve completed the two earflaps and lining.

Can you please explain this part to me?

Joining the lining:
Pick up 88 sts from the original cast on with smaller needles. Join to main body of the hat by knitting one sts off of each of the left needles as you would for a 3 needle bind off.

So from reading this, it seems like i’m going to connect the lining together. But i’m not sure about how to join the main body?

Do you have a link to the pattern? I’m guessing a bit in what follows:
It sounds like you have the 2.75 inches with the earflaps and also the main body of the hat. The main body of the hat is still on a needle perhaps? The instructions are to go to the cast on edge (the 88sts) of the piece with the earflaps and pick up 88 sts. There’s a video at the top of this page under Free Videos, Tips, that shows you how to pick up sts in case you need to see it done. Then the pattern calls for joining these picked up sts to the main body (presumably also 88sts) as you would for a 3 needle bind off. There’s a video for that too, under Free Videos, Cast Off. Since they say “as you would” for a 3 needle bind off, I suspect that you just work one st from each needle without the bind off step (the slipping one st over the other on the right hand needle step as in the video). You’ll end up with 88 sts live sts on your needle. See if that makes sense with instructions that follow.

Here is the pattern:

[B]Joining the lining [/B]
Carefully pick up 88 stitches from the original cast on with the smaller needle. Join to main body of the hat by knitting one stitch off of each of the left needles as you would for a 3
needle bind off.

Continue knitting in stockinette until the hat measures 5.5” from folded edge.

[B]Shape Crown [/B]
Note: Change to double pointed needles when there are no longer enough stitches to work on circular needle.
Decrease Round: K9, K2tog
Straight round: K

Continue decreasing every other round until 8 st remain. Pull tail through remaining stitches to secure and weave in all ends.

[B]Spikes – Make 12:[/B]
CO 11 st.
P 11, turn
K 10, turn
P 9, turn
Continue until last row is P 1. Turn work.
K 2, turn.
P 3, turn. Continue until all of the sts have been worked (end P 11.)

Bind off leaving last st on the right needle. Before pulling the tail through the last st on the needle, pick up (but do not work) 1 loop in the CO area. BO this new st and pull tail through.
This gives a more finished look to the CO area. If using a long tail CO, it will look nearly seamless. Weave in the shorter of the two tails.

Using the other tail attach the spikes to the hat at a slight angle to each other using a whip stitch. Pick up just the top leg of the st on the hat and very little of the stitching will show on the wrong side.

Yes, you do only the first part of the 3 needle bind off, the part where you work one st from each needle without the bind off step (the slipping one st over the other on the right hand needle step as in the video) and you continue on the 88 sts you now have after this join. Give it a try and come back if it doesn’t make sense.
(Best to edit out some of the above pattern so there are not copyright problems.)

Thanks salmonmac. I finished knitting the hat with your help =)

I’m delighted. I wish you many more successful projects!

Hi, I was wondering if you could explain this part to me as well I am having a ton of trouble with it. The pick up stitches part and join to the main body.

Welcome to KH!
Here’s a video for picking up sts:

Towards the end of the video, Amy picks up sts from the bound off end which would be more similar to your hat where you’re to pick up sts from the cast on end.

and here’s one for 3 needle bind off in case you need it. For the joining, work the sts from the two needles together as in the video but don’t slip the first stitch over the second. Just keep knitting 2 tog, one stitch from each needle.

What is the name of the pattern? Can you give us a link to it or to a photo?

Hi thank you here is the photo

Also I have no idea what the pattern means when it says work stocknette until same depth as lining, do I join or knit some before joining, sorry I’m a beginner

It would be very helpful to know the name of the pattern.

Sounds like the hat may fold at the narrowest part of the short rows, where you get down to purling 2/4/4 and knitting 3/5/5. After working the second earflap, continue in stockinette until the hat when folded reaches the cast on. This is the point where you’ll join the folded lining to the cast on.

If this is a purchased pattern it would be best to edit your post and remove the photo of the pattern. A few lines of the pattern are ok to post but substantial portions of the pattern can lead to copyright problems. If it’s a free pattern, a link to it will be fine.

Oh sorry, it’s a free pattern:

Cute! I like the idea of the spikes and the ties are a wonderful idea for toddlers. Thanks for the link.