Lining a knitted lunch bag

I knitted up a medium sized bag in REd :heart: Super Saver and double stranded it. it’s pretty sturdy and I carry my lunch in it. what could I line it with to make more water/ food resistant. Right now i tie it up in a plastic grocery bag and put it in my bag. :roflhard: :roflhard:
Any suggestion on what I could line it with to be more food friendly?

I mean I put my plastic bag INSIDE my knitted lunch bag… NOT The other way around :teehee:

I’d try a local fabric store like Hancock’s or Joann’s - they have several different weights (thicknesses) of clear or translucent, maybe even colored vinyl that you can sew in - hmm, maybe even stick some velcro on the wrong side of the vinyl liner and the inside of the bag, so you can take it out and clean it if need be. They should also have iron-on velcro - that’d make it super-easy!

Do please show pics when you’re done! Sounds great :wink:

They used to have some tablecloths made of what was called oilcloth I think…that might work. I mean the fabric store might have something like that.