Lining a felted purse

Ok, I just finished knitting a purse and have yet to felt it. When it’s done I have really cute bamboo handles I want to put on it, and I am going to line it, but should I sew the handles in before I line it or after. I don’t know.

If the handles are sewn along the top edge, you can probably wait to add them after you line - it will be easier to line without them. But some handles are placed along the sides of the bag and it might look neater if they are sewn on first and then the lining placed over the sewing.

I am most certainly new at this but would like to know how to, or what kind of stitch to use when sewing handles on a Bag that is to be Felted…


It depends on what type of handle you are using…if it is a knit handle I have attached it to the bag both before and after felting. Either works, but if you can attach it before that works better. The problem is attaching it tight enough to be strong but loose enough to give the join room to felt.