Lining a Bag

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone could tell me if I should line this bag before I sell it?Thanks

It’s hard to say. It’s certainly cuts as is but a cloth lining may keep it from stretching out of shape.

I say it depends on the bag’s intended purpose (in other words, how [U]you[/U] want to advertise it).

If you see it as more of a diaper bag, then I would recommend lining it because that makes it stand more upright (even when empty). But if it’s more of a carry-all bag (like you’d use to buy groceries or pack in a suitcase), then leave it unlined which makes the bag less bulky and more flexible (i.e., able to be squished in to compact places).

Hope that helps.

I like bags lined, but that’s just me. Maybe you could offer it as is but to have it lined they’d have to pay $X more?

I also like them lined so it protects the knitting better. I also prefer a bag of this type to have some shape so it stands up easier and is easier to fill.