Linen yarn

I used to have the best sleep shirt ever made until it disintegrated into a mess of torn up threads a couple years ago.
it was linen.
I want to make one, but all the linen yarn I’ve touched seems like it would scrape my skin off in 5 seconds.
does it just need to be washed repeatedly, or is that just the way that yarn is?
is there any that starts out soft?

part of it is wash. the more you wash linen, the softer it gets. part of it is the thickness. Fine threads woven together make a softer fabric. For the best of both worlds, I would suggest a linen blend that includes either cotton or modal.

I picked up some linen/rayon yarn on a cone. While coming of the cone, it feels stiff and scratchy. After knitting with it, then unraveling (trying out patterns, needles, etc.) it got softer. So handling it and washing it seems to soften it up quite a bit.


I love linen-its one of my favorite fibers to work with. And I totally agree with whats been stated so far. At first, it feels rather like you are working with straw or a piece of raffia. But it DOES soften up with handling and once washed a couple times… Ohhhh the lovely softness. I want to :rofl: on it.

CotLin from KnitPics is really soft and machine washes and drys without fading … It is sport weight … so don’t know if it is to heavy for a sleep shirt … There are pix of my swatches in this thread …