Linen Stitch Problems

Help … I can ususally figure things out but I am having a terrible time with something that should be relatively simple! Trying to knit the koigu linen stitch scarf … Easy Peasy - row 1. p, ytb, ss, ytf, p, and so on … Next row , k, ytf, ss, ytb, k … I can’t figure it out - I will knit several rows (450 cast on) and suddenly I have a ridge. I have “backed out” and found nothing wrong … I have started and taken this project out 5 times. I can’t figure out what I am messing up … it should so easy! Help Please!

You might practice on a smaller piece.
Make sure you’re doing it correctly. and in case you don’t like that video here are more
If you can post a picture of the problem it could prove helpful also.

This stitch can be confusing because on one side, when you bring the yarn to the front, it’s in order to slip a stitch and not to purl one. On the other side, when the yarn goes to the back it’s to slip a stitch rather than knit one. So it’s easy to get off a row or to start k1p1 ribbing for a row instead of slip sts. I use a stitch marker or safety pin on the knit side as a reminder. With so many sts cast on, you may need several pins to mark a side.