Linda Whaley Imogen baby dress pattern

Can anyone help me with above? The lace pattern is shown as a chart I am trying to knit 3-6months size and having never worked from a chart before I’m struggling. The lace pattern is on every knit row from beginning to end of row but the difficulty is that some rows start with yfwd and every 5th and 10th row there is 1st decrease on each end of row. I don’t want to give up but this driving me crazy

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That’s a darling pattern:

If a row that starts with a yfwd happens to also be a decrease row, skip the yfwd at the beginning of the row. That’s a decrease. Then remember to decrease at the end of the row. If the row happens to end with a yfwd, again, don’t work it and you’ll have your decrease.
Is this on the body of the dress or on the sleeves?
Here’s a video to help with the yfwd at the beginning of a row in case you need that:

Thank you very much your answer is a great help. I am knitting the body of the dress but I haven’t knitted beyond 2nd row of pattern as the pattern was out of sync and now I know why. I really do appreciate your reply, thanks again.

One other thought. If the yfwd at the beginning of the decrease row has an accompanying decrease (a yfwd, k2tog for example), don’t work that accompanying decrease. Leaving off the yfwd and working a k2tog would decrease 2 sts . Just work the sts in stockinette.