It’s me did you get my e-mail?

More to the point did you get mine!?

Wrote reams, I did, last night - please try my email address again:

If you don’t see the PM I’ve just sent you - I’ll live in hope that you’ll see this.

We can’t go on meeting like this - it’s ludicrous - there’s chunks of our never-to-be-repeated prose the size of planets floatin’ round in the ether - is it any wonder we’ve got global warmin’? It’ll be us who get blamed for it - just you wait and see - it’s those two fruitcake knitters and knutters, looning around with uncontrolled knits, purls and enough yarn between them to circle the globe 20 times round and then some!

I’ll keep tryin’ to find you

Yours lost in space and plus 6 hours.


PS - If there’s still no sign of you in an hour, I’ll organise a seance!

Meeting like this? We can’t seem to meet.And no I didn’t get your E-mail so look out for gobal warmingI just sent you another E-MAIL this better work :pray: Please find me I’m lost out in space and can’t get homeI have been sending stuff everywhere :shock: My fingers are numb form typing

You should have received a test email called

is that better? whoopdeedoo.

Have you tried expelling those weird what-not, thingies that litter your messages?

All sorts of stuff - even found one sticking its tongue out at me - course, if I told anyone that, they’d never believe me.

Just clear your starboard bow of what-nots and I’ll ask the BBC weatherman if he’ll check over Minnesota for anything weird (well, weirder than usual). If there’s nothing there, I’ll put the ouija board and broomstick back.

I’ll try you againand see if we get contact - just THINK how much knittin’ we coulda done by now - nah, skip that - it’s just too heartbreaking.

:XX: :XX: :rollseyes: :rollseyes: