Lime n Violet fans

For those of you who are Lime n Violet podcast fans I wanted to bring something to your attention. Recently Miss Violet found a lump in her breast. Because her insurance company SUCKS, she is not able to make an appointment to get it checked out because that would cost $1000. They have started a few ways for people to help out… a) Lisa Souza has dyed a “Violet’s Pink Ribbon” sock yarn where a proceed will go to paying for Miss V’s bill. b) also any items through the Lime n Violet etsy shop will benefit too. c) finaly you can also just click on the donate button on their website to donate that way too.

To find out more check these links:

Thanks everyone!

When I read this post my first thought was, “$1000? For a doctor’s appointment?” I went and read, and to clarify, she has a $1000 deductible to meet before her insurance will pay any portion of her care, and they won’t waive it even though there are only three weeks left in the year. :wall:

Thanks for posting, I totally would have missed this.

I didn’t think to explain that very well, thanks for clearing that up Julie! It shocks me how crappy insurance companies can be. I think mammograms should be covered just like yearly physicals.

MOST insurance companies do anymore I think. That is surprising that hers doesn’t. BUT now that so many companies are going to “consumer driven” plans most plans are fairly cwappy anyway.

It isn’t terribly surprising though, considering that we had to fight forever to get most companies to allow the Pill to be covered when Viagra was covered almost as soon as it was approved. :roll:

A lot of health insurance plans still don’t cover the pill, and many other kinds of birth control. It is infuriating. Before I was laid off, I thankfully had very good insurance. Because of being at high risk for cervical cancer I had to get paps every 6 months. Unfortunately, since I am no longer working I’m not sure what I will do when that 6 month mark rolls around… :shrug:

You have to pay for mammograms and pap smears???

Times like these I’m SO glad I live in Australia…

it just depends on the policy. a lot of them are now offering well woman plans that cover that thing but not all of them yet. a lot of times it is dependent on whether or not the company a person works for wants it covered. :wall:

Me too - but the UK … the pill is free too.

I believe it also depends on state law as to whether or not insurance companies are required to pay for preventive/diagnostic services. I think that may be the case in Minnesota. Even then, companies who privately insure their employees may not be required to follow certain laws. The whole US system of health insurance is so screwed—I hate the fact that health insurance is tied so specifically to employment. I know people who would switch jobs in a heartbeat, to something that they would excel in, but don’t because their health benefits would change.


Totally – when my DH talks about looking for a new job, my first thought is of health insurance. :-x

And men (who characteristically don’t go to the dr. as much) can tend to gloss over the insurance details…I have a friend (young family, definitely in the childbearing years) whose DH took a job, then they found out that the health insurance didn’t cover anything related to obstetrics. :doh: :doh: :doh:

Poor Violet. She must be terrified!

I looked at the sock yarn at Lisa Souza. Its beautiful.

I told my boss, who lost his wife less than a year ago to breast cancer and he immediately gave me $20 to buy the yarn with or donate. I think I will buy the yarn and make some socks. Then I can sell the socks and donate the money.

After all, like my boss says… if we can save one family from going through the pain he and his wife went through, it is well worth it.

I :heart: my boss. He is wonderful.

edit Another co-worker just gave me $20 more.
I’ll be sending off a money order to Lisa tonight.

What a great boss! I ordered mine last night and was looking at Lisa Souza’s blog…she has quite a count going on that yarn! :cheering: And she seems to be sending personal e-mails out with the orders too. I love that. My LYS here in Omaha is having a sock contest in February. I thought it seemed like it would be a good yarn to use for that!

I’m going to have to order a skein. My aunt is fighting breast cancer, another aunt is in remission, and my friend’s mom has struggled with it. :pout:

How skeery.

I’m so glad so many people are able to help outand buy the yarn! I wish I could but seeing as how I am laid off and xmas is on the way I can’t justify it. :frowning: So I figured the best way I could help do my part is spread the message.

Chel, you have a wonderful boss and coworker!

I just ordered it from Lisa!! And Berry Poppins because I loooooooooooooooooooove those colors! :cheering:

Really shouldn’t have , I guess, but I always believe that money I spend on helping people out this way will come back in one form or the other, and if I don’t SEE that it does, we have been very blessed to have pretty good insurance for 40 years of marriage. It has gotten a lot worse in the last few years, but still, we have it, my husband has a job, and we’re in good health right now!! I think I’ll try to sell the socks I make as well!! Maybe I can donate that to the fund, or give to another fund. But I WON’T be able to knit them before Christmas–I’ve got 2 more scarves to finish and I’m SO SLOW!! :?? :wall: