Lily sugar'n cream market bag HELP!

Im knitting a market bag with a pattern from the lily sugar’n cream website. Im a stuck on pattern stitch it goes as follows:

“Sl1. k2tog.Do not slip sts off needle. K2togbl into the same sts. Slip 2 sts off needle-Cluster 2tog made. Rep from to last st. K1.”

Im confused in this about knitting 2 together and same again but in the back. I tried but it was too tight. Can anyone help with this? Thanks.

It helps if you use a larger needle or knit looser. Practice it a little - you knit the sts tog but from different sides. The k2tog is with the needle from L to R, k2togtbl is with the needle from R to L.

There’s several market bags… Do you have a link?

Here is the link to the website for the market bag:

I’m having the same problem-can anyone help?!

What - you’re having a problem knitting 2 together then into the same stitches again? It takes some practice and loose stitches.

Essentially, this is a kfb.

But, you are doing a k2togfb.

Do the k2tog in the front first, pulling the loop through loosely (make it long) which will give you room to do the k2tog in the back, before dropping the 2 worked sts off of the L needle.

Essentially, this is a kfb. But, you are doing a k2togfb.

Ohhhhh, yes it is. That’s definitely a good way to think if it.