lily sugar joining mofits tog invisible seam questions

Hi.:grinning:I am trying to use the invisible seam join on putting my two mofits together .The mofits are from this pattern

I am using this youtube video

But i need help understanding what she means by starting with chain one (that makes up the corners) or does she mean at both 2 chains on the corners of the mofits and the end?Whats the first chain on the 2 chains of the corners epesically when you have to turn to the wrong sides?:thinking:

I have tried going through one of the chain on the corner and their is a gap or slop down between the mofits where you join the mofits (the corner)?is it suppose to look like that? i know how to do the rest of the join but i am having trouble with the corners :cry:

i hope that i dont confuse you guys.
Here’s a link to the pattern view with a pic of the bag

@Tangles64 and @OffJumpsJack will have better advice but I would think that the chain 1 refers to the turning chain at the end of row 1.

Hi.wouldn’t it be in the last row when we finish the mofits?

What I think you are asking is about the step “Sew 4 motifs tog for Front and Back.”

The trouble is the video assumes the motif corner is made by a stitch pattern of (dc, ch, dc) but your motif pattern used (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) combination in a ch 2 space.

So yes she means one of the 2ch sts in the corner. Use the ch adjacent to the edge to be seamed. (This leaves the other ch in the corner for seaming the other side when you get to that step.)

Seam just one edge of two squares together at a time to form a strip. Set aside.

Take the other 2 squares and seam one edge for a second strip. Then seam the two strips together. One side done.

Then you can go back to the original pattern instructions from there.

I hope this helps.

Hi.Thanks jack for the help.What do you mean when you said Use the ch adjacent to the edge to be seamed?whats the other corner ch?

The other corner ch is for the other edge that you will seam in the second step (seaming the two strips together).

Thanks for the help jack.:smiley: