Lily n cream granny squares bag yarn inspiration pattern questions

Hi.:):grinning:I was wondering what is means when it says sew 4 misfits tog for front and back ?:thinking: :(and what does this mean - place ws of back and front tog.(? join mc at top left corner and work 1 row of sc around opposite corner to join 3 sides of bag?:(also what does this mean -top edging-with rs of work facing join mc at seam?what does this mean (with rs of work facing join mc at seam:?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:I know this is a lot of questions for this pattern(lily cream granny square bag that I need help with in interesting it.I know that this is a crochet questions.Any crocheters out here?

You want to attach the 4 smaller squares together as shown in the photo, 4 for the front of the bag and 4 for the back.
The crochet edging which joins front and back is done with the inner side of the front and back facing. The public sides are to the outside, facing you. The edging is crocheted around 3 sidess leaving the top opening.
For the top edging, start at a seam on the side. The edging is worked around the bag opening to finish it off.

HI.What does start at as seam on the side mean?What’s a seam?

When you join the front and back together with the wrong sides facing, that join is the seam. A seam is where 2 edges are joined by sewing or knitting or in this case, crochet.
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The arrow points to the beginning of the seam on one side of the bag. It continues around the bottom and up the other side.

Thanks for the amazing help :smiley: