Lily Chin reversible cable

Does anyone know of a knitting book containing patterns using Lily Chin’s reversible cable method?

I saw a pattern online for an afghan of hers but I didn’t like the particular design - I know she has other patterns somewhere. I did a search and ended up buying a book from amazon on mosaic crochet afghans of hers - but I’m still looking for the reversible knitted cables :slight_smile:

She has a reversible cable shawl in Vogue Knitting: American Collection

if you’re good with blurry text and you have some patience, it’s one of the patterns you can get to if you “look inside this book”

I have the book on hold at my library. You might try that and then you can make a copy of it legally. :wink:

Thanks you guys - good suggestions!

I just saw a Knity Gritty episode with her doing a baby blanket. Not sure if it was new or a rerun. One of the panels for the blanket was a reversible cable, so you should be able to find in on

Course, you’d have to adapt a pattern for whatever you wanted using the reversible cable, but at least you’d have the basic idea!

I found it!


Thanks Lauraknits and Suzeeq!

I just got the library book…some good stuff in there!